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Question Regarding PPC.

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Hello all Members,

Hope you all are doing good.

I have a question to ask here.

Before few days, I have faced the interview from Google. The person who were taking my interview asked me that "What is the most critical issue you face when doing SEM".

Actually, I am just a beginner of PPC/SEM. So, I don't have depth knowledge on these stuffs.

So, anyone tell me the answer of "What is the most critical issue you face when doing SEM"?
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Simple answer would be: It costs #@$%!!! too much!
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I am also a beginner in SEM but I think the most critical issue in PPC is Cost. To show your ad at the top in minimum budget.
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As far as PPC concerns, we have to check competition and generate lead for the business with minimum budget.
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in search engine marketing (SEM), the critical issues that you face is your competitors, contents and backlinks.

3 of them are the major critical issues, you are wasting a lot of money if three of them were not optimized carefully
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Hooo! That's an interesting one, well when dabbling with pay per click {PPC}, things you are to locking into are:

1). Your catchy Headline, which must be inform with your landing page.

2). Your ad description with a good hook and a clear call to action {CTA}.

3). A clear display url, which represent your landing page.

If all this can be crave well into your pay per click campaign, it will help in displaying your ad regularly by the ad network which indeed result to higher click through rate {CTR}.

Mind you, make sure your ad headline and description text are well connect to each other, so as to generate good return on ad spent {ROAS}.

Must ppc network uses a metric called "quality ad score", this help the ad network no if your ad is relevant to the categories, countries, genders or age you are targeting. In this case you must also optimize the campaign to get good "quality ad score".

Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing ads and other ppc traffic broker use this metric a lot so good luck and always seek for more knowledge!
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Managing SEM for startups is very challenging because in most cases they are competing with well-established, well-funded companies

Google this topic

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