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Questions about Google ranking

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Hello all,

On everyday basis i try to progress my seo tactic to rank best. I want to ask you a few questions which troubles me the most. Now i am working with regional seo.
I frequently see the websites with no or weak linking which ranks improved not even than my site but also better than trustworth big sites. I now that age is a big issue but I 've observed that this sites are often long-standing and made in simple html.


What to do to rank better in region?
Does Google rank well html sitesHuh
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New websites might over rank other ones once they are lunched but it will only last until new alghoritm update!

Get relevant content to that region.
Backlinks from relevant to that region sites which better rankings that yours.
Get traffic from that region as well.

All these indicators will make Google believe the site is very relevant to some specific area you are targeting.

You can always try geographic target in google webmaster tools account that let you target specific country.

What location are you targeting and why?

P.S. All websites are written in HTML what matters for Google is not the code but content of the page!
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A new site when created easily gets in top rankings but for a while only. Well, coding is important here obviously - you should code your site's internal linking in such a way that link juice flows towards the home page from inner pages and don't disrupt this process.
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Set your Geographic Location either by code or using the webmaster tool. SEO works when you have the strong On-page optimization so focus on that more and get the backlinks from forum website which shows the Google that your website is having trustworthy backlinks.

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