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Rank First on Google, Bing or Yahoo?

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In the web every webmaster seems to talk about increasing Google rankings, how to get on Google first page do this do that pretty much everyone is talking about Google seo but what about Bing and Yahoo these are also top search engines!
So my question is: should I first start targeting Google and get my site ranking high on this search engine or should I first tart on Bing and Yahoo?
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Bing and Yahoo should be addressed with the same importance as Google! You should optimize with Google, Bing & Yahoo in mind if you manage to rank high on most of them you will get a ton of traffic. But if don't have time neither resources to target all 3 of them then try to focus more on getting rankings on Google!
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I would recommend go for Google search engine optimization, because google is most widely used
After that you will go for Bing and yahoo thwy also have equal importance
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if you target your keywords in google then automatically other search engines will follow
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You should focus first in Google. Google is the top most searches across the worlds. Once you reached top in google, next you can focus bing or yahoo.

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