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Ranking and Website Indexing Issue

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I have a website i am focusing few keywords on it and they are not appearing anywhere despite doing most of the activities. Even the status of its indexing pages is decreasing day by day on Google and the alexa rank is increasing. Please share your views and suggestions for the same.

Thanks in advance!
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What do you do about content and backlinks?
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what are you doing ??
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if there is no improvement despite of all ON page and OFF page SEO technique, then you check out google search console there might be some crawl errors. Try this.
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Check out your robots.txt file.
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According to my opinion Nowadays Google does not focusing on page rank. it your website is not crawling by google automatically then try to add it google webmaster tools which will helpful to index your website.If still it is not indexing, then adding again to google webmaster tools and it will definitely index your website with in a short period.
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You should do 3 things here:

- Update more fresh content
- Create more and more baclinks with suitable speed
- Attrack more traffic to your website

Google this topic

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