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Redesign website needs a professional review..

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Hi To All,
I recently redesign my website with all the Web 2.0 concepts to make a better business in online market. I request all you professional guys out there to take a time to visit my website and drop your reviews here so that I can judge my work with your eyes. Looking forward to all you guys out there and thanks in advance.
Kindly review both of my newly design websites:-

Company URL

Product URL

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The website look pretty professional but as you know that doesn't matter when it comes to SEO. Do you have any search engine optimization issues?

What is your niche or what keywords are you targeting?
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I just viewed your website and I've noticed that both websites are text heavy. Both websites are heavy in terms of elements that makes it a bit overwhelming. Try to add a breathing space on your website. The color scheme looks clean. Your website is straightforward and shows its function.
The company website looks ok, you just have to adjust the layout so that it wouldn't look cluttered.
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I checked the first website.

What I didn't like

Terrible color combination. Specially that big header image and near the footer part.
Logo is not "inspiring"
I tried to click on "web development" under services. Appeared that it was not a link, and there is no "read more" too. Why? Sad
We are all over the social network, but only for social media profiles?
I really like to see something like "a link to your support team or we are available 14*7*365 at +111111111111" at the top right side above the main menu.
Latest news are just two lines texts. Why they are not linked to dedicated pages/posts? < Daani Software is now active in Mobile Apps development> There are so many sub categories under Mobile Apps, How can you know about it without contacting you?
As someone already said, give space between texts. On some pages the headers part is just over the head of content part (On about us page) You could add some image there.

What I liked

Good template and structure
Good content
Nice contact form on click
Mobile friendly (Didn't check it thoroughly, but checked how responsive it is)

What I recommend

Add those ISO and paypal signs also on your home page above the footer, just like how you showed "we are working on" on your about page.

These may be my personal opinions. But I really want to share with you, so that it will be helpful for you and your business.

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