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Regarding Keyword Research

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Hello Everyone,
I make a new search engine website. But now I'm confused that if I'm doing keyword research, then I will do keyword research on location based urls yeah simple urls. i.e

And how can I target these urls in seo process. Please suggest me.
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Please rephrase your question can't really make out what you mean. Add some more info or post some example.

Quote:And how can I target these urls in seo process
Are you asking how to get those URLs ranking high on Google?

If so then each page has to be optimized for a keyword you target. The content of a page has to relevant to your keyword and the keyword itself has to be included in title, description and h1, h2, h3 tags. Also when doing internal linking make sure to use keyword in the anchor link.
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Basically you need to give us an idea about your website niche then after we will able to suggest you best possible keywords combination & mapping for your website.
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Hello Dear

Awsome and very useful post...!!!
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Search Engine website? You mean like Google, Yahoo or Bing? or you just want to implement a search which gives location based search?

Google this topic

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