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Relevant domain name SEO?

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Do you know if it still effective way to gain rankings heaving a relevant to mu website niche domain name? I mean a domain that contains keyword/s I am targeting!
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Yeah it's very important to have a relevant domain name! Google says that these days they add a bit less weight to it yet it's still an important factor!

If you have a domain that completely matches some keyword web-site will most likely rank on top of the first page for that particular keyword without too much effort for the webmaster as for Google the domain will represent some like brand.
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suggest taking the old high ranking domain name. new domain name is not effect for seo
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For Google website brand is very important as it represents trust and authority that is why so many webmasters and internet marketers spend huge amount of time and effort on "brand marketing".

For Google brand means domain name and if your domain name matches 100% some search query Google will considered that as if people are looking for your website/brand and place it on top of the search results!
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Yes. It shows having the authority on the keywords you choose. Google will also favor your website vs. competition sometimes.

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