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I have an seo client requiring reputation management. He is a public figure so I have to
be discrete. He has some negative articles about him written by some papers and some sites.
He wants the top two pages of Google to contain only positive links.

I have used Google removals and only two links out of 11 were removed.

I have signed up to as many free sites as possible to create profiles.
Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare, Scribd etc etc

I have done this for 2 weeks. Uploaded articles he has written to sites. Uploaded pictures of his to sites. The negative links are not going down and nor are these free profiles rising.

Please give me some suggestions as to how to tackle this issue using only white hat techniques. I know one thing, these websites will never remove their content, so that is out of the question.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate any guidance at all!
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Google disavow tool takes time so relax! If you stumble upon some unfair comment about someone in the internet you can always ask the webmaster of that site to remove them if not ask Google directly do remove the URL from SERP as it spreads out negative and false information about the firm, business or a person!

Ask yourself could it be that those comments, reviews and feedback is true and my client really deserves it! Maybe you are fighting a loosing battle buddy!

First find out is the content related to your client is true or false and then either report it to Google or ask the webmaster of the site to remove it.
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Google won't eliminate every content from its index you are not happy with! The only solution is to counterattack those bad replies with good ones or reply to those comment saying some positive about your client!

It's very difficult to remove bad content from the internet! You have to get used to be criticized by others it's inevitable!

Posting articles saying positive stuff about something or someone looks suspicious you really have to go to the places where post reviews and feedback on products, services or people that will look more natural!

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