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Revenue sharing webmaster forum?

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What does it mean "revenue sharing webmaster forum" what kind of forums are we talking about?
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This means that on those forums you can show your #Adsense ads! You provide webmaster forum with your Adsense ID and then every time you post they will use it to show your Adsense ad in your post. When someone clicks on it you will get paid by #GoogleAdsense not the forum!
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Digital Point forums was one of the first to do this and it worked pretty well, you could make a few cents. But they removed it because it was attracting a lot of spammers and click fraud.
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I would never put my #Adsense ads in some forum where people can get me banned from Adsense for invalid clicks!

AdSense revenue sharing is a long gone system don't risk it for making a few extra bucks Smile

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