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Hi, I started seo before 3 months for one my Israel business. The site is GraphicDesignIsrael(dot)com.
I am not much experienced in seo and internet marketing areas.

Built some backlinks and on-site factors (Using Woorank and website review tools). Everything seems good. But I dont see any visitors are coming to the site.

3 months over but still no rankings were improved.

Suggest me where I am lagging?

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First please optimize your website to be mobile friendly you have until 21th of April of 2015 to do that otherwise it will hurt your SEO big time.

On Google PageSpeed Insights increase try to get at least 6 Passed Rules

All your content in below the fold and that is why Google is ignoring it add more content to above fold don't forget to optimize it with your keywords!

The site has a ton of images try to add more text content!

Checking some web pages I found images that are not optimized and have ALT tag missing!

Increase your percents on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus I mean get more likes and followers.

Make your website faster by decreasing load time and page size! Make your page around 200kb in size get rid of images as much as possible and use CSS or text: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/graphicdesig...m/xdTWhhlK

And lastly get more backlinks from relevant to your industry and high PR and ranking web-sites.

These days content is the king so if the site has non or has a crappy on it will never rank good in Google!

Also take into consideration domain name age as Google trusts more older website that have more age and reputation.

Google this topic

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