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Review of Website and a Sales Page

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HI To all Fellow Members,
I recently updated my website for the leads generation, I request all you pro guys out there to take few seconds out and take a look over the website urls that are mention below.:-
Main URL :- http://www.daanimlm.com
Sales Page:- http://www.daanimlm.com/Affiliate-Tracking-Software/Affiliate-Tracking-Software.html
General Sales Page :- http://www.daanimlm.com/Binary-Software/Binary-Software.html
I’ll be looking forward for your genuine reply . Thanks a lot
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Get rid of the popup case in case you mist it Google will be penalizing sites that show it: http://letsforum.com/Thread-Google-annou...-algorithm

Dude also what's up with the header is too high hides good portion of the content.

Also it looks like you already asked for review here: http://letsforum.com/Thread-Redesign-web...nal-review
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Changing the color from red will be good ..it looks odd to the eyes
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your website is not mobile responsive. Create it mobile responsive.

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