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What do you mean by Cloaking?
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If you know the visitors IP address (Google IP) you can show that visitor one content and totally different to others: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloaking
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Cloaking is one of the black hat techniques in SEO where user is searching one website and it is redirecting to some other website
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Cloaking is one of the Black Hat SEO technique in which we write a different content for both users and web crawlers and it displays differently to both web crawler and users. It is not a recommended technique.
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The affiliate Cloaking Software has been around for some time. Essentially, affiliate cloaking allows an affiliate to hide their affiliate marketer URL from commissions thieves', in turn defending their affiliate commission's. Many affiliate marketers do not fully comprehend cloaking, and what things to look for in affiliate cloaking software.

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