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I’m ranking 7th for a keyword on Google and I’m looking to move up the rankings. Has anyone tested SERP CTR? I think if I send some clicks, I should be able to rank higher. Has anyone ever used any services? Huh
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CTR is among most important factors these days. BUT Google is pretty smart these days so you have know a few things like:

Make sure each click is made from a different IP Address and fresh cookies!

There is a software out there called "Google Search Bot" that can be used with "hide my ass" to achieve that!
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clicks from different ip will be beneficial eevn google using artificial intelligence so instant activity would be in a natural manner not in just few hour
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Instead of spending more time on getting the CTR from different IP, just create the digital content and share it on social media websites so that you can receive the clicks without any worries of spamming the Google.

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