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SEO Audit for a website?

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Hello Everyone,

Please anyone give me seo Audit for my website callme.co.in..
Please suggest me good seo Audit tool..
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Use these tools:
Google PageSpeed Insights
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SEO audit checklist :

Step 1: What Are Your Strategic Objectives?
Step 2: Keyword Analysis
Step 3: Competitor Analysis
Step 4: Technical Analysis
Step 5: Page Level Analysis
Step 6: Content Analysis
Step 7: User Experience Analysis
Step 8: Link Analysis
Step 9: Citation Analysis


Screaming Frog:it allows you to take a domain and crawl at its pages in the same way a search engine does
SEMrush Site Audit: It crawls a domain from the browser and makes an online report to show where there are probable issues
Google Webmaster Tools: great tool that tells you a lot about the on-page optimization activities, link and technical issue of a site.
GTMetrix For technical SEO audit
FOUND SEO Audit Tool
WooRank | SEO Checker
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(10-09-2017 11:33 AM)raman Wrote:  Hello Everyone,

Please anyone give me SEO Audit for my website callme.co.in..
Please suggest me good SEO Audit tool..
It is better to get help on the web. You'll not only get help but you will be provided with free tools.

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