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I seo ( search engine optimization) is the only method to get rank any website by the specific keywords. Increase targeted traffics on website. I am trying to rank my website by doing seo. And i have no much knowledge about that, mean new strategy thats really help to rank my site in short time. I wanna rank my site now. Anyone can help me to do that please.
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In SEO world Content is king and off page (Backlinks) are Queen. Work really hard on your content then slowly develop good authoritative back-links and your hard work will finally pay off.
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First optimize your meta tags then create unique content!
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Let's just say that for onpage optimization, just follow search engine guidelines.
And for offpage optimization or link building just make sure you link to the most reputable, high quality relevant niche site.
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Start with white hat seo and promote your site through social media ,if your site is for any business, then use listing and sitation it will increase your site's rank and promote your business
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yaa it's work why can't

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