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SEO blogs you must follow

GeorgeLucas Offline referral

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* The Google Blog
* Search Engine Land
* Search Engine Watch
* Search Engine Journal
* Moz
* Kissmetrics
* Higher Visibility
* SEMRush
* Hubspot
* Content Marketing Institute
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You gotta point here baby when it comes to #SEO you need to stay on top of the game in terms of the latest and newest updates!
mahwishfatima Offline referral

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SEO blogs to stay updated regarding SEO: Search Engine Land and MOZ are the best.
cheta Offline referral

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I really love that search engine watch and journal in terms of updating us on SEO generally, search engine news, useful tutorials, tips etc. but others are very good as well
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Search Engine Land and Moz are the very useful blog. I am read these blogs are frequently
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You can use the Google Official SEO Blog for webmasters - webmasters.googleblog.com
Bigpagebangladesh Offline referral

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I think Search Engine Land and Moz are the very useful blog.
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I like Kissmetrics blog because contents are long and detailed. It briefly discuss the topic and it is very readable.
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Search Engine Land
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Above blogs are more useful for me to follow the seo guidelines.

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