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SEO for One Page Website

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How to do seo for SINGLE page Website ? Are there any seo guidelines for "one page websites"?
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Promote your webpage on with proper targeted keywords on directory, bookmarking and social sites.
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SEO is same for all website either its have one page OR thousands pages.
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That is very easy way only one page seo on page optimization according to many site like semrush,moz or woorank etc.
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A single page website or already known as the landing page can implement SEO according to its needs to be optimized for the target audience.
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For One Page website
Do proper on-page SEO with High-quality Keyword Targeted content.
Then, Do off page SEO techniques for webpage.
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do as foe seo guide lines in single page website no inner links so give anchor links in content then it,s fine
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Sinelogixtech, it's going to be very difficult to promote single page site, you can target 3-5 keywords only or 2-3 long tail keywords, if you want only 1 page site, then:
Add content of 800 words+, add images, relevant videos etc and make sure you must have space for adding more content every month @ home page or allow users to comment on your site
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(09-18-2017 08:57 AM)sinelogixtech Wrote:  How to do SEO for SINGLE page Website ? Are there any SEO guidelines for "one page websites"?

Check out with Moz guide for SEO beginners. The vital part of on-page SEO is meta tags for every webpage and mainintaing of keyword density.
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What is the niche of your site?

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