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* Publish High-Quality Content
* Make Social Sharing Easy
* Boost Your Images and Profiles
* Measure Social Media Performance
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Don't forget to use hashtags to get more exposure, views and #GetTraffic.
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Follow relevant people and reach out for more conversation.
Useful content that can drive more shares and likes.
Don't just post for selling services or products on social media, conversation and trust is also impact.
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Post interesting and short duration videos too
Hashtags are important
Link your social media account with other social media accounts too
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To add to this, create high quality backlinks, submit to high PR directories and search engines, update your web content with the latest info, news etc. go for morderate/low competitive keywords etc
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Quality backlinks will help greatly in achieving good rank in search engines. Targeting the right people for your niche is more important while using social networks for seo.
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As always say put your writing in the users perspective so you will be able to gather more impression and engagement. Tough competition that is why you need to know what your target audience really want and relate to them.
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Create content keeping in mind the reader's standpoint
It should be in the form of an instant article (e.g. facebook instant articles)
Use #hastags for targeted keywords only 2-3max., do not, I repeat don't overdo #hastags as it does not make any sense and the user will definitely ignore your post, on whichever social media platform it may be.
These days, short video content is becoming more popular among users, e.g on facebook, instagram & twitter, so, create content accordingly.
Running ad campaigns may also be helpful but is often costly but once done correctly chances are your website will receive a traffic boost.
There are other SEO techniques for social media but above ones are more effective.
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Thanks to all for share a useful information. Its a amazing post
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Publish Digital Content in the form of Image and Videos.
Optimize the posts using your business keywords
Increase the followers for more engaged users.
Share the content on other Groups

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