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antony Offline referral

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I am wondering if the same seo tricks I use to improve search engine optimization of my website can be applied for a forum site? 001_confused
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Search engine optimization is the same for all websites
chod Offline referral

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I would say yes and no invisible_dude. How you take on SEO is very much dependent on your site, visitors, content, end goals and many other factors as well. While what SEO works for say a site about puppies, may and more than likely will not transfer cleaning across niches. That is why the most successful in the game cater in a per niche manner.
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Yes you can apply the same SEO tactics, techniques tips and tricks to your forum! Just as will all SEO don't over do it!
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Forums are actually more SEO friendly as your normal website or a blog, I am saying this because forums usually have new content and that's the key to SEO!
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Seo is same for all websites, some of the changes will come when google updates published.
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It's pretty much the same with a different approach, like you tend to give more effort and time on this technique vs the other.
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SEO for forums is very good technique that is search the keyword in google and then make post with the link of your site.
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I don't see any difference between forum and website and if there is no difference between then then SEO must be the same for both of them!
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Yes, It is same for every website. but a Forum website needs more traffic, promote more on social media networking website, need more registered users for a forums websites, give good answers for every thread if your forum website is new, Attract more users with good information for every thread.

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