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Shawn Hogan - Digital Point Forums shoking!

ivan Offline referral

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Pretty much everyone involved in internet marketing knows, used or head about Digital Point Solutions but I had no idea that its CEO Shawn Hogan has such a colorful background. Looks like he had a few serious brushes with the law which in may of 2014 resulted in 5 months in a Federal prison, a $25,000.00 fine and 3 years probation sentence OMG!

I wouldn't be surprised finding out one day that FBI closed the forum.

marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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I knew he was involved in cookie stuffing scheme that is probably how he managed to get forum so popular Smile
surenot Offline referral

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That is probably the reason he got banned from AdSense.
letsplay Offline referral

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When making money ofter you make enemies as well is just part of the business.

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