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Should domain name contain keywords I am targeting?

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My website niche is video games and I am thinking about changing my domain name to some that contains either video game or games keyword. But before I change my domain name I want to know if in terms of seo keywords in domain name important. I have noticed that almost all high ranking websites for keyword video games their domain name is composed of those keywords?
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Yes it was working before but now Google is giving less weight to keywords in domain names when indexing websites. But if you can register a domain name that contains keywords you are targeting it will definitely benefit your SEO.
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I agree, before it used to be very important to have a keyword matching domain name, but in the modern age of SEO, it is not as important anymore. It is better to focus on high quality, original content.
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Exact match domains are not an important seo factors nowadays.
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Yes, you can target but not more than one. else it will look spammy.
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yes you can sometime, you will get an edge when you doing a seo
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Not necessary website can be rank of keyword even without keyword in the domain name.
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Now, these days exact match domain are not important factors in SEO to rank the keyword in SERPs. There are so many other factors also responsible for ranking is SERPs.
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No need. But, if you're writing about technology then go for tech related domain name like techbuzz, techallow etc.. And if you want to do about health related then go for like healthy news etc .

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