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Site Suddenly Dropped its Ranking

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Hi Guys,

Can you help me analyze why this site has suddenly dropped its rankings for its target keywords:

emergency plumbing knoxville 19
drain cleaning knoxville tn 22
drain cleaning knoxville 30
knoxville drain cleaning 32
plumbers tennessee 33
commercial plumbing knoxville 37
tn plumbers 41
commercial plumbing tn 42
commercial plumbing tennessee 52
knoxville kitchen remodeling 54
plumbing specialty products 57

commercial plumbing tn 47
plumbing specialty products 48
knoxville kitchen remodeling 54
commercial plumbing tennessee 56

Just last month (September) it was performing rather well but last week (October on the spreadsheet link above) I noticed it has suddenly started to drop its rankings for most of its target keywords.

I haven't received any penalty notice or spam notice from Google so I thought it was odd that it just suddenly dropped its rankings.

Any suggestions and conclusions to remedy this situation will be massively appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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You have to check your website content/links to check the current ranking.
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(10-23-2017 12:21 PM)davidweb09 Wrote:  You have to check your website content/links to check the current ranking.

I agree! maybe it's because of your content or maybe your backlinks.
Sumit_Singh Offline referral

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This is because of Google Dance.
Google updated its algorithms for the better results and if you have spammy links or low-quality content in your website or you are performing spammy activities so your keywords ranking can be dropped or sometimes it happens if you do not make any changes in your website I mean do not make any updation in the content or website.
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Maybe some is Google bowling you! Try to use some #backlinks checking services to see where your backlinks are coming from! If they originate on some spammy or illegal sites then there is your answer! #CheckBacklinks
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This may be due to the spam backlinks. Monitor once all your backlinks & if found some of the spam sites use disavow file to remove them.
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check content and check on page optimization properly.
check website getting penalty or not.
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Did you made any changes on your site recently? I mean, any updates? That maybe caused or triggered the drop in ranking.

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