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Some Popular SEO Myths that really Bugging!!

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Some people love and hates seo as well as most of them that are not related in optimization are usually good people. They are not familiar for anything you told to them but still often agreed and give a smile. The people who are eager to learn will tell to analyze their site and explain to them in detailed. On the other side, there are few seo experts wannabe and like as someone that has a relative in digital marketing environment who looks like a different monster altogether. They are hardworking but misleading and believing that seo is king. Here are some points to the people and worst violators.

Consistency to invest in seo - hardworking, effort and commitment.

Google is always studying human's behavior through assessing content.

seo maintenance.

Link building is dead? I don't think so or just a misunderstanding in building links.

Supporting high competitive keyword - using different long tail keywords helps increase its influence by widening the medium.

Google don't like seo? or the search engine hates manipulation of rankings.

seo is dead? it is because Google answers (to increase revenues)

seo is not a trick but a creative method.

Pagerank? Don't bother it.

Social media has nothing to do with seo but a good medium to help the search engine discover page and index issues.
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Buddy that is an aye opening article right there!

Most of the time webmasters (beginners" fails cause they don't read neither learn the latest SEO news! From the last year Google is changing SEO so often that it becomes hard to keep track of all the changes.

I am sick of those Panda and Penguin updates that mess with our rankings.

#Social media directly is not affecting SEO but it's a great way to do brand marketing and get more traffic that will then engage in non-direct marketing of your website or products thus sort of boosting SEO.
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Thank for sharing

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