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Submitting Sitemap regularly

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Hello all my question is that can we submit out sitemap to google regularly whenever something is updated on the website? Does google see this as a spam and does it has any effect on seo ranking? Thanks in advance.Rolleyes
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Nope it's actually considered good practice to resubmit a sitemap to Google when you have some new content.

If you publish like one or two articles per day then I would simply use:

Submit URL - Google

To just request indexing of new content and not crawl again and again already indexed pages.

Depending on the frequency you publish content Google will automatically adjust crawl rate most of the site it downloads website sitemap every 2 days.
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Site map is nothing but a file which consist of all the pages of the website. If you have made changes to your website, then only it is needed to do the change.
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Google periodically checks your submitted sitemap.xml file for updates. You only need to submit it once.

See: How often does GWT check dynamic sitemaps?
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You dont need to submit all the time if your sitemap file updates automatically (most cms does this)

you need to update or resubmit only if u r generating it manually
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Its always a good practice while submitting a sitemap.
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Submitting your Sitemap regularly does not affect your website rankings and in fact, it is considered as the good practice to follow.
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No need, if you are updating your site frequently then your site will eventually get indexed without submitting it. Anyway, you can always check it..

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