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Suggest good affiliate programs for Beginner

antony Offline referral

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Hi I am new to all this affiliate marketing stuff and need your help please suggest something that can help me to make hundred of dollars a month for starters. I am just a beginner so I don't know much about affiliate programs!
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Clickbank affiliate program is perfect for you as a beginner.

Some of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Amazon.com Associates
eBay Partner Network
Google Adsense
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The best is all relative for beginners.

The real question to be asking is what companies should you use for niche X
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I think the easiest of all is Google Adsense just create a free Blogger blog monetize it and don't forget posting on I don't know maybe SEO and how to make money or about new gadgets
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Company i work in recently started their own Affiliate Program.
Niche is quit new "Indoor Play Grounds/Gyms for Kids & Teenagers". Since its just launched it should be more easier for the beginner to do marketing.
Commission rate is 15% with average price of Gyms 200-900eu comission are from 30$ to 150$

If interested Google "SportKid Affiliate"
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We have great CPA program for movie niche, 15-38$ payout per sign up and great conversion!
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There are getting more benefits of us that what kind of benefits of websites via affiliate, thanks for the sharing.
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Cashcrate.com is the most decent online affiliate program I have ever come across.
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can someone help me hoe to go about this affiliated marketing thing

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