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Technical Advice: Choosing a Virtual Private Server

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If your website is currently hosted on a shared account and is growing rapidly, you might want to consider a Virtual Private Server hosting option.
With shared hosting environments proving to be unstable for sites with sudden high traffic, a virtual private server gives you more flexibility and resources.
With a Virtual Private Server you are guaranteed these resources. You don’t have to be worried about taking up too many resources, or someone else taking those resources and slowing your website down. You also have the ability to customize the server environment to your websites needs without having the limitations of a shared account.

Could any other useful information be added??
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When a website is new it's better to start on a cheap hosting plan like shared but as the site begins to get more and more traffic to avoid website going down or offline you need a VPS or Dedicated hosting which gives you a full control over the server! However you need to be good as server administration to be able to configure and maintain at the best or at least optimum settings.

I would recommend #ResellerHosting which is a blank hosting meaning you will have to install Apache, CPanel etc. but it costs same as shared hosting plan and performs and dedicated or VPS meaning you will have full control over it.
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I am totally agree with marcus_avrelius.

Google this topic

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