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Tell me best sites for make quality backlinks

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I want to make quality backlinks for my new site
Tell me
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Blog Commenting, Articles, Press Release, Guest Posting are best SEO link-building methods, for SEO resources you have to Google it.
SaraWilliams Offline referral

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Press Release, Guest Posting are best SEO link-building methods
Peter-Jolie Offline referral

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Guest post, press release, article submission are the best SEO link building methods.
Carlbrewster Offline referral

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There is not a single site you have to target multiple websites to get some SEO rankings, target your competitor's websites!!
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no of quality links matters in seo, before doing seo for any client, you should know his tools first
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Its not just websites that you need but the most related sites that will also help your main establish its reputation in the field.
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reputed and high quality sites to make best quality backlinks in google
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your related forum websites ,article submission,web submission are best way build backlinks
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It is essential that you honor and follow the rules and regulations of search engines.
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guest posting and relevant forum could be the best backlinks and don't forget to make a quality and long content and no spam wherever you put your backlink Big Grin
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Post High quality content.
Update Social Networking sites
Guest posting
Blog submission
Shivam Tripathi Offline referral

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You will have to submit your link on some quality websites..definitely you will get result and quality backlinks for your websites...
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Blog Commenting
Guest Posting
Target your competitor's websites!

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