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The Best Web Hosting For SEO: How To Get The Most For Your Money

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seo web hosting may be one of the most important factors in how your site ranks, thus, it’s imperative that you make the right choice when you need a host. Don’t overlook the significance a host has and don’t skimp on the services they can provide you: This could mean the difference between a site that ranks and performs well for you and one that tanks.

The Speed At Which Your Site Performs

Speed is an incredibly important factor in seo, especially when you consider that the average reader won’t wait more than a couple of seconds for a site to load before they leave it. In fact, Google recommends that you keep your load time under three seconds for mobile sites, something that can be quite challenging. Since more than half of all searches are mobile, you need to ensure that your web hosting has you up and loaded in the shortest time possible.

Take advantage of free online website speed testers, such as the “Think With Google” tool; not only will it test your speed on mobile and desktop and rate your mobile-friendliness, it will also offer recommendations on how to grease your site so it moves faster. Be positive the host you choose can support you on this issue.

The Security Your seo web hosting Provides

Few things are worse for a webmaster or business owner than logging onto their site, only to discover that it’s been. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon scenario. abound online and they’re just waiting for a vulnerable site to victimize. Don’t let it be yours. Choose a host who has an outstanding reputation for security and is willing to back up their promises of protecting you with a full security suite and if possible, a guarantee.

While there’s ultimately no such thing as a site, you should expect a host to provide the latest tools and tricks available to keep the bad guys out.


When your site isn’t available to your customers and readers, it’s also not available to the major search engines. This means strikes against your site and that can go a long way toward bringing down your ranking, particularly if your uptime is consistently compromised. Search engines don’t like to disappoint the people conducting searches, so if they look for and kind find your site repeatedly, they may stop listing you and that could easily be fatal.

A Solid Reputation For White-Hat Practices

Eventually, Google catches on to everything, including all the black-hat shenanigans that go on around the web. If you’re not highly selective about your new host, you could end up with someone disreputable, meaning they’re not well-respected by all the major search engines. Don’t accept any host that makes suspicious promises about seemingly miraculous accomplishments and trust industry experts in their recommendations for hosts whom you can trust your business to.

Look for a host with consistent up time and make certain you have the analytical tools you need to monitor your site’s availability. You want it up and running 24/7, but since you can’t check when you’re sleeping, you want the tools that can do it for you.

When you need web hosting for an important site, it’s crucial that you take all the factors of seo into consideration before choosing. Select an effective host that supports you in every aspect of operations and you’re site is good to go; skimp or settle and you’re committing seo suicide. It’s that simple.
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Bluehost is the best for SEO from my experience
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Good article. Keep it up.

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