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The Difference between a Graphic Design Officer and a Web Designer

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To the average person, Graphics Design is no different than an artist who draws on paper. And when we speak about a graphic design officer who works for a website design company, we completely lose track of the difference. However, if we look deeper, both personnel have completely different job descriptions and we will look at them in a little more detail in the text below.
Graphic Design:-
Graphic design is the act of creating graphics, typography and images to represent ideas. Graphic Designers have a huge rule to play in the print industry where digital graphics are turned in brochures, posters or any other branding material. It is important to note that a graphic design officer is not usually involved in any kind of programming. However, certain projects may require the creation and integration animation algorithms.
Web Design:-
Like graphic design, web design too involves the creation of graphics, typography and images. But unlike a graphic design officer, a web designer has very limited options as he has to create the best possible design without sacrificing page load time and usability. Due to which, a web designer has to make the most out of his design using compressed images as a quality is often sacrificed for better speed.
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Web design means creating website from scratch including coding and graphics.

Then we have 2 designers one that works with the code like PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery etc. and other that creates banners, logos etc.

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In some companies, they have a separate employee that works with the website coding. They're called Web Developers/Programmers.
Web Designers are those who create the aesthetic/s of the website. But also knows a little with regard to website coding.
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Graphic designers create images by hand and with technological aids. They are concerned with the presentation of a project. Must focus on how a design communicates a message to its audience.

Web Designers: Must predict how a design will make its audience feel and react. More technical (coding and programming).
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Graphic designers will be in charge of the collateral for a certain project. They will be the one to create it.

Web designers - they are more on the codes inside the website.
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I think web design encompasses a little coding. While the other perhaps focuses on the creation of creative stuffs that does not relate to any coding.
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Web design means creating website from scratch including coding and graphics.
On other hand In graphic- design ,designs related work only .
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Website specialists. ... More particular, website specialists quite often utilize PCs and are frequently in charge of programming or composing code, for example, HTML. Albeit regularly in charge of the "look" of a site page, website specialists team up with visual planners to decide imaginative design and impact.
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A graphic design officer is responsible for designing interactive pieces for the media industry, entertainment, posters, brochures and more. Om the other hand, A web designer is more focused related to website elements.
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A graphic design is best for promote your product by pic and video because his/him have good experience about graphic designing
and other developer is focus on only website

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