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The Major Aspects of Graphic Design; Lines, Colours and Shapes

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A Good Graphic design is created by perfectly balancing various elements. Expert graphic designers don’t place emphasis on designs that overwhelm; in fact their focus is on designs that are harmonious and understated. The in the text below we have discussed the major aspects of Graphic Design Dandenong which include:-
- Lines
- Colors
- Shapes

A line is a connection between two points; however, in the realm of graphic design Dandenong, their purpose is not as simple as their definition. Lines are used when sections of text are separated on a websites. Lines are also used to highlight the borders of an image. Not to mention the benefit of using lines when placing emphasis on a particular text or part of a page. Lines should be expressed freely, never limit yourself to the basic line formations.

Ever wonder why black and white images and movies seemed so dull and gloomy? Well, that’s the effect of NOT having colours. Colours give life to anyGraphic Design and various images. Despite their obvious benefits, colours should be used very carefully as too much colour can spoil the overall impact of a design or image.

Shapes play a very important role in determining the effect of a page. The shapes you use in your design usually fall in the following categories:-
- Geometric:-
o Circle, triangle, square, etc.
- Natural:-
o Shapes that look like leafs and animals.
- Abstract:-
o Shapes that are designed particularly with a single purpose such as icons.
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Good share buddy. It's been determined many years ago that human mind responds better to graphics which means that a nice graphic will produce way better result than the best marketing sentence in the world.
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nice share
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We all know that designs usually holds the users attention the primary reason why website owner should never set aside the impact of an attractive design to their target market.
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Besides I think that the content is so important. If your content is not attractive, other thing can't support it
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I've always had troubles with science of these three especially when I once worked in a travel magazine. I had to justify my works.

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