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Tips to increase Mobile Conversions.?

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In this age of Mobile Commerce, retailers are looking to target mobile users and attract them to increase their conversions and maximize sales. A responsive web design is undoubtedly a key factor but there are many other handy tips to in tap mobile shoppers in the long run, optimize your site for mobile conversions and stay ahead of the curve.

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Absolutely right! Google reported that it gets more than 60% searched done with some sort of mobile device and it will get even more so they gave webmasters until 21th of April 2015 to make their websites mobile friendly otherwise they will not show in SERP (search results page)

Responsive design is great as you don't have to deal with different themes and redirects that slow the website down which Google is against!

When you have an online show or maybe hotel booking website it doesn't matter you need to have some to engage users to make them wanna come back. Allowing them to commend, rate or leave feedback is one option.
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Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly,Make the Necessary Technical Updates, Analyze and Optimize,Buying selling domins Freelancing for professionals .
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you can use facebook ads, it was really effective, but it costs more
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1. Your website should be Mobile-Friendly.
2. Make the Necessary Technical Updates.
3. Analyze and Optimize your website.
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You need to ensure that your website is responsive, otherwise when your site loads it won't look professional and it won't be easy to use therefore the conversion rate will be lower

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