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Title not indexing in Search Engine

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Hi All,

I m not sure if anyone already faced such issue but it seems very weird to me, actually my website is based wordpress and i have installed the yoast seo plugin, now i m trying to update home page title, it's even showing successfully changed on the front end home page but not in the search engine, my website home page is indexed alot of time since then but i dont know why search engine is not picking it up.

Anyone please help?

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Hi buddy sometimes Google will replace website title with the brand or keyword that is more relevant to the website content.

Take a look at your previous title and try to take from it some keywords relevant to your site and incorporate into your new title try them all.

It happened to me once!

My site title was like this: Brand - keywords

I changed it to: Keywords

And Google rewrote it to: Brand

I mean I had to add my brand to the title otherwise Google will change it to show brand only.

Sometimes Google adds brand at the beginning of the title so if the title is missing that keyword it will be changed automatically.
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I don't know whether it is a problem with Yoast. But I am facing the exact problem. Google is so lazy to index my blog. (My blog is new, so I can understand the hesitation) .

Try these

Use Fetch as Google and Render. Then submit it for indexing.
Check whether there is any resources blocked by your robots.txt file. I thin that Google index sites with no render blocking script more faster.
Use https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals
Check whether your site map is accessible (If there is any)
Improve your page loading score.
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Check source code of the fetched version of your website in Google search. Take a look at the title tag to make sure it's showing the correct value is not then the issue is with your WordPress Plugin or whatever.

If the title shows correctly in the source code the try the fix mentioned above by Marcus.

What's your website URL?
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Use Fetch as Google option in Search Console (Webmasters)
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It takes time for search engine to index your title. So in the mean time don't change your website title 2 or 3 times a day.
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I guess so you are right, i experienced it and now changed with my brand name and keyword and it's working.


No, its not anything to do with seoyoast, i thought it the same but according to marcus, that is the only issue.


I did all even discussed it with my developers but no one can get the right solution until someone did what marcus said and it's perfectly working for me.


I did so many time even when doing a little change i used the fetch with Google.


For sure it does, but it also depends on your website indexing rate, mine was almost a day only.
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Support Team
Good to know that our support helped you out.
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You could always look into onehourindexing service. Smile
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Have you checked setting of your Seo by Yoast plugin. Is it in unabled mode?
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Do one thing uninstall Yoast seo plugin and install some other on-site Seo plugin and then check.

Google this topic

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