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To what extent are links in video platforms helpful?

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I have seen many people work hard on having videos in different sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc, just for the sake of seo (along with a link in the description), but hardly they get any views.

In such cases, do you really think that such links contribute to the seo of their site or service? What's the point of simply having links everywhere which actually don't engage any traffic?
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Unless the video gets millions of views it's not really helpful.
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see socialnetworking site are having many external link from which quality of backlink will be less.
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Those links from Video Search Engines are no follow and the links work only if you increase the video views.
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Links in the video does not create any impact. User has to click them from outside.
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(07-27-2017 10:43 PM)Victor Dub Wrote:  Unless the video gets millions of views it's not really helpful.

Yes, completely agree with you, Me too doing same observation but they may had different back-links strategies, many just try to add url from different profiles, videos, info-graphics sites just to had use their link juice. if we check webmasters, they listed all sites from where site are receiving backlinks or direct links.

According to me we must have good reputation before adding direct links from Youtube description or from other platforms
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People will link to and embed useful resources as much as they will net/blog/video/creating-video-sitemaps-for-each-video-hosting-platform run the risk of setting this channel up for failure to a greater or lesser extent.

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