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What is the most effective part of SEO which helps to get top ranking.
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Without any doubt is #Backlinks!
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only backlinks wont help for good ranking, quality fresh content and optimised webpage are also plays a important role in ranking strategy.
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(09-12-2016 06:30 AM)rvsharma Wrote:  What is the most effective part of SEO which helps to get top ranking.

To get top ranking, you should spend more time to develop your website - White hat SEO.
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Backlink cannot stand out without quality content both of this are essential if you want to rank on search engine.
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Content & Backlink is the most important part of seo.
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blog,guest posting,backlinks and content
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Use Unique Content for all submissions to get rank well.
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Use Quality Content based quality works, That will be potential in any way.
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According to my opinion, unique content and unique backlinks will helpful to increase your website ranking
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Content and High quality backlinks are the most important and effective techniques which can improve the ranking of a website on search engines.
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Backlink & content is important in seo.
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More Backlink with quality and due some social media activities
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Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings.

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