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pavig Offline referral

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I know we can get a traffic juice from LinkedIn. But in practical i am not getting even post impression though i post very interesting images/articles. I am using business page for driving traffic to my website, suggest some ideas to get more clicks in LinkedIn. Also guide me how to share a post of business page in LinkedIn
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Try joining some groups with a lot of folks relevant to your niche under some other users and promote your page over there worked for me!

Do you use hashtags when posting?
pavig Offline referral

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i'll use. but no result.

But sir, how to join a group as a page and how to share things to the group. Is hash tag is used to share post in groups??
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Try to create a group or add people as your connection.
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Here are 10 ways to increase your LinkedIn ROI and get more traffic to your blog. Complete Your Profile. Build Your Connections. Be Active. Join Targeted Groups. Create a Group. Engage with Your Network. Write Engaging and Interesting Content. Share Blog Posts with Individuals.
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If you complete these tasks then sure you get huge traffic on Linkedin.

1. Complete Your Profile
2. Build Your Connections
3. Join Groups
5. Create a Group
6. Create a Company Page
7. Share Often
8. Add LinkedIn Share Button
8. Share Blog Posts
9. Follow LinkedIn Influencers
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Establish a group or a community that will help you connect with people or businesses on the same niche.
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It is easy, just share your post with some good descriptions. Besides, if you are working well on LinkedIn, it will let you to make the content with links via anchor texts.

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