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Understanding Colour Schemes for Website Design

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Understanding the different colour schemes is just as important as any other phase of website design. Selecting the right colours for your website enhances the overall aesthetics of your website, while adding to the over usability as well. To be able to implement the right colours, it is important that web designers have some idea of the different colour schemes, harmonies and types.

The Colour Wheel:-
The colour wheel is the most familiar and useful tools used in art and design. It can tell you everything you need to know in a quick glance. The Primary Colours are the red, blue and yellow and secondary colours are green, purple and orange. You can mix primary colours to get second colours.
Colour Schemes:-
A website design follows a colour scheme. These may include:-
- Complementary Colours:-
o Complementary colours are the ones that are found opposite to each other on to the colour wheel. When combined they form grey, black/brown
- Triadic Colours:-
o If the colours form a triangle on the colour wheel they form a more vibrant combination of colours.
- Analogous Colours:-
o Colours that are next to each other on the wheel are known as analogues colours.
- Tertiary Colours:-
o These are the in between colours on the colour wheel.
- Monochromatic Colours:-
o These are different shades of the same colour.
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I guess its a matter of knowing which color will actually match on the theme that you will use. Proper blending is important since some color can affect the visit that you will receive from certain users.
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I think dark or black theme will make the use feel uncomfortable.
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The topic of color could fill a whole book on its own, so we’ll stick to what’s relevant to UI design here. We can break down color theory into three parts with regards to web UI design.
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Color scheme ... In shading hypothesis, a shading plan is the selection of hues utilized as a part of outline for a scope of media. For instance, the "Colorless" utilization of a white foundation with dark content is a case of a fundamental and regularly default shading plan in website architecture.

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