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UploadMaxnet PPD 30   PPS 60 initial sales amp 50 rebills   PPL 85   10 ref

Hello all letsforum members,

I'm happy to introduce you to a new File Sharing & Storage service


- Upload files up to 10 GB

- PC upload - Remote Upload

- No registration is required to upload files

- We offer you Pay per Download - Pay per Lead - Pay per Sale (at the same place)

- You control what files work on PPD,PPS or PPL easily from your files manager

- Adjust your files to the plan you see is more profitable to you

- All uploaded files are in PPD plan by default,
you can change any file to work on PPS if you think this file will get sales,
or adjust it to PPL in case of important files that user can finish an offer to download it.

- You can change the earning plan at any time for any uploaded file with a mouse click from your files manager.

- Easy & Professional file manager in your account area

Affiliates Link: UploadMax - Simple File Sharing and Storage.
Premium Features: UploadMax - Simple File Sharing and Storage.

Example Download Links:

File adjusted to PPD: Download Example PPD file.zip - UploadMax
File adjusted to PPS: Download Example PPS file.zip - UploadMax
File adjusted to PPL: Download Example PPL file.zip - UploadMax

Pay per Download
You get paid for every 1000 downloads to your files up to 30 USD.
We count all countries & all files sizes.
We count unique downloads (1 counted download per one user per 24 Hours period)
Downloading your own files while logged into your account are not counted

Pay per Sale
You get paid 60% for each premium account sale and 50% for each rebill

We provide multi payment gateways :
Users can buy instantly via their credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, AmericanExpress, ...)
Other payment methods like Payeer, OKPAY, Bank Transfer
and also we accept Bitcoin payments

Pay per Lead
You get paid nearly $1 - $35 for every download to your files (we pay 85% for each generated lead)
We show users simple offers/surverys before downloading one of your files (sorted & categorized)
so users can choose what offers they want to complete easily.
Surveys include Email submit, Software download, SMS confirm, Mobile application download and many other types.
We are partnering with a lot of CPA networks to bring you good leads and to provide a lot of leads to cover all your traffic from all countries.

Referral program
You can earn easily just by referring other people to use our service
You get paid 10% of their total payout earnings plus the sales commission (60% initial sales & 50% for rebills) if they purchased a premium account.

Payment methods :

PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Wire Transfer, ACH

Minimum payout is $10 for PayPal, Payza, Skrill and $100 for wire transfer and ACH payments

You get paid on NET15 basis.

We are just in the beginning, more features are coming.

If you have suggestions or comments we would love to hear you.
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Could you explain one thing? How can I manage my files if I have no account? I mean you say you can upload files without registrations right? Will I have a download link and everything?

How long will my files last before they get removed from your file hosting server?
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You can upload any file and get the download links without registering at the site
"- No registration is required to upload files"

But if you want to manage your files change names, earning plan, move to new folder, email to your friends
just register a free account (it would take 1 min)

Uploaded files are kept permanently for premium members and are kept 90 days for registered members
and 30 days for anonymous visitors.

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