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Usage of SEO-Friendly URL ?

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What is SEO Friendly URLs and what tha usages of it in SEO? They are really important for the websites SEO.
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YES heaving #SEO friendly #URL is a must have thing case #Google pays attention to the URL and domain name when indexing the site.

Plus you have the ability to stuff more #keywords Smile

You can see this in cation every time you search for something in Google part of the URL that matches the search term get highlighted.

If I would you I would fix this issue as soon as possible to get better rankings.
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Implement the target keyword in the URL is good for SEO. Google will give high preference for the URL.
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SEO friendly url means: + ? = should be not inculded in your url
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SEO-friendly URLs can:

- Describe your content
- Help you avoid duplicate content
- Avoid having your pages trigger spam filters
- Make your pages easier to share, remember, and type into a browser
- Help your Web visitors navigate your site
- Increase search engine ranking for sought after keywords
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Using SEO friendly URLs for your website will help you a lot in the crawling & indexing of your website.

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