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VPS vs Dedicated Server

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When setting up a new site, it can be tough to decide between a dedicated server and a VPS. Unless you're super-familiar with both, they can "seem" the same. And to a certain degree they are similar, as the both accomplish the same task. But they go about it a little differently and are both good tools for different jobs.

Why should I use a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?
A VPS is a great solution for web hosting when a shared server is a little too small, but you're not quite ready for a full dedicated server. You can host unlimited domains on a VPS, and it's a lot more flexible than shared hosting. On shared hosting, you're limited to the software versions selected by the host for the shared server. On a VPS, if you want to change those software versions, you're able to. Another reason for using a VPS instead of shared hosting is that VPSs are a bit more secluded that shared hosting. On shared hosting other users can very easily consume an unfair share of system resources, harming your sites' performance. Upgrading to a VPS will help curb, if not completely eliminate any problems from resource hogging neighbors.

Why should I use a dedicated server?
There are risks of sharing hardware with other clients. There are very limited ways for other users to negatively affect your VPS's performance, but on occasion it can happen. Another reason would be for stable dedicated hosting of more resource intensive applications such as ffmpeg, gameservers, or VOIP applications. A dedicated server is exactly what it sounds like - a server exclusively for the use of a single client. It doesn't take much imagine to realize that this means that, unlike VPS and shared hosting solutions, a dedicated server client's resource usage cannot be negatively impacted by another client.
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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Virtual Private Server is different for dedicated servers. A virtual private server has both high-end, and low-end option available. A dedicated server that's literally to your own personal use.
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If you have ever created a website then the chances are, you have already heard of VPS or Virtual Private Servers. VPS server is easy to use compare to Dedicated server.
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Dedicated server is better than VPS server. Setup your new site by using dedicated server.

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