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What does it mean by White Hat seo ?
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White hat SEO is your normal legal way to do search engine optimization. But it has an evil twin called black hat SEO which uses non ethical illegal ways, tactics and techniques to trick the search engine and this way gains high rankings.
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White hat is better than black hat.
White hat is good methods to increases the search engine ranking.
White hat follows search engine guidelines but black hat does not follows search engine guidelines .
White hat includes:
>keyword research,analysis,meta tag & content writing.
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White hat SEO is basically a seo technique that follow all search engine rules to get higher ranking on different search engines like Google ,Yahoo, and bing
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If you follow search engine guideline for optimization website means white hat seo.
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When we doing SEO through following all Google guidelines, it called white hat SEO. White SEO is beneficial for any website and give long lasting results. WE get lots of traffic through White hat SEO if we use it properly.
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that's a legal seo follows search engine rules and policies.
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White hat SEO is the body of approved search engine optimization tactics designed to increase a website's position on a search engine results page (SERP).
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White hat SEO means doing SEO Techniques conforming to the quality guidelines recommended by search engines.
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White hat SEO can be defined as the techniques in which site content is crafted keeping in consideration the guidelines set forth by the search engines for effective SEO services.
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With search engine marketing (SEO) terms, white hat SEO is an SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION refers to using optimization strategies, approaches and also practices that will focus on some sort of human audience in opposition to search engines and also completely follows internet search engine principles and also guidelines.

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