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Web Hosting Forum?

Victor Dub Offline referral

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I am wondering do we need some kind of special web hosting for a forum site or any will do?
daica85 Offline referral

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It depends on your business requirements. If it's just your personal blog or your portfolio then shared hosting is enough. However if you want to create an e-commerce site or forum like this then you should need a high level hosting such VPS hosting or dedicated server. IMO
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Dondro Offline referral

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Taking the advantage of the opportunity I can recommend Digitalserver.com.mx and their hosting services.
Good communication and customer service is key to a great web-host, and it has these qualities in spades.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Any decent hosting provider will do just fine.
jsam757 Away referral

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it totally depends upon your requirement and type of database are willing to install.
HinchSerene Offline referral

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I always look for a few things:
1. Reliability
2. Support/Knowledge
3. Price
As the others have said, you get what you pay for really.

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