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What Aptitudes you should have to be a Web Developer?

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You don't always require qualifications to become a web developer, however you'll for the most part need to show that you have skills in:
Visual Design.
UX (User Experience)
seo ( search engine optimization)
Using Coding Software like HTML and CSS.
Using Design Software like Photoshop and Illustrator.
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1. Constantly learning and improving

2. Keeping up to date with the industry

3. Being able to manage time and prioritize
3.1. Make a to-do list
3.2 Check your list first thing every morning
3.3. Set reminders
3.4. Use the 80/20 rule
3.5. Communicate

4. Understanding UX

5. Communicating well with others
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understanding, pick up sense and latest updates in Google will help you regarding this
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Like it so much.
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know about basic programming knowledge and knowledge how to finish the website
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basic programming, html, css and photoshop
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You should be knowing these thing: Basic programming, HTML, CSS(to make it look good), And photoshop if you want custom made graphics for your site.
There isn't much required to be one.But there is lot required to be good one
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I am not a web developer and I don't know the qualifications. I think he must have the good coding skill then only he/she can become a good developer.
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many of the best developers have low social skills and high tunnel vision concentration. Think Aspergers. Personality has a lot to do with success!
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For a web developer, i think backend programming (ex: php) is required.
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First of all clear all the basic of Web Design and Development, coding and some genral knowledge and one major thing seo site structure

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