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What Are Google Analytics goals And Why Should I Use Them?

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Destination. A specific location within your website.
Duration. How long people website visits last.
Page Visit. Which pages and screens visitors view during a single visit.
Events. Actions visitors take during a visit, including ad clicks, social media shares
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Following are the goals

1. URL Destination Goals
URL destination goals keep track of specific URLs. Each time someone goes to that URL, they trigger the goal.
2. Visit Duration Goals
You can use this to track how many people stay on your site for a certain amount of time
3. Pages/Visit Goals
this goal tracks the number of pages each visitor sees before they leave
4. Event Goals
Any element that your visitors interact with can be tracked with events.
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Goals in Google Analytics determine the conversions of your site by providing the behavior of the website's users.
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Every interaction you track on your website can be broken down into one of 4 Google Analytics goal types:

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Google Analytics goals can be break down in the following factor like destination, duration, visit & events. You can set the goal according to your requirement.
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Google Analytics Goals are the most important part to set up in your account to gather meaningful data. It gives the business owner and marketers alike the ability to measure, track and analyze trends seen during visitors experience with their website.
"Goals in Google Analytics allow you to track specific visitor interactions on your website. "
Google Analytics Goal Types-
URL Destination Goals - a visit to an actual web page
Time on Site Goals - a defined timeframe of desired site activity
Pages per Visit Goals - a defined number of page views desired during the visit

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