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What If I Use A Free Hosting For My Sites?

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Is it possible to make websites run on a free hosting?
If a paid hosting will be better, I just wanna to try on something. not for sure will make it business or not. If i get a paid hosting, will it be so waste of money?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Sure you can use free hosting there a wide variety of then to choose from!

The down side of using such hosting is the fact that most of them are loaded with third party advertising and you don't have any customer support in case some goes wrong with tour account! The websites hosted on such hosting tends to have high load time which is a key factor in SEO.

To have a successful online business/website you don't need to purchase VPS or Dedicated hosting plan Shared one will do just fine it's cheap and offers many advantages that free host will never give you and it's search engine optimization friendly in most aspects!
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For starters, free sites are ok but if you want to monetize your sites I suggest you go for paid hosting. There are cheap ones.
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I suggest you to go for a cheap shared hosting service. Since free hosting are free, there will be lots of ads display and lack of support issues.
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Free hosting sucks it's slow and the server up-time is terrible I mean the site goes off-line most of the time. Also since you are a free customer they can delete your server files and you can't do anything about that it's terrible.

It's difficult to get high rankings being on a shared hosting I am petty sure it's impossible being on a free one!
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majority of hosting companies offer money beck guarantees, so if your idea fails you can cancel the hosting and get your money back
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the free hosting has a bad security
for me the best free hosting is 000webhost

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