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What SEO tools do you use and why?

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What seo tools do you use and why?
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Google Search Console - I m using this tool bcoz it helps to monitor the performance of website.By using the Search Traffic tab then the Search Analytics”tab, it will bring you up a list of keywords you’re currently ranking for.
SEMrush-it allows you to track any domain or Keywords from any geographical location, discovering local competitions and lets you target different devices too.
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SEO tools are

Google Analytic
Google Webmaster
Google Adwords
Alexa toolbar
SEO Mastering
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I use:

Google Analytics
Supergrowth SEO Tools
Google Adwords
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There are many useful tools available for SEO, here are some excellent tools which I use:
1. Buffer - Social Media
2. Google analytics for traffic tracking
3. Ahrefs - Backlink analysis
4. Keywordseverywhere and Uber suggest - Keyword Research
5. SEMrush - SEO analysis
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Google Analytics
Google Webmaster
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SEO quake tool
Google webmaster tool
Google Analytics
Google Keyword Planner
Bakclink checker tool
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1. Google analytics for traffic tracking
2. Ahrefs - Backlink analysis
3. SEMrush - SEO analysis
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1. Google Analytics
2. Google Webmaster Tools
3. Keyword Planner
4. MozBar
5. SEO Workers Analysis Tool
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