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What WordPress free blog is good for?

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hellboy Offline referral

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WordPress free blog is pretty much useless from money making prospective you can't monetize the content on a free blog, you can't use it for promotional purposes I mean if so then what do we even need this free blog service?

How is it used in the internet marketing?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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The only reason it's there is to get more paid customers other than that it's worthless!

I used it before once, my free blog was getting 20,000 unique visitors per day and guess what got banned cause they say I was using the blog to promote third party services and products.
kapoor297 Offline referral

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Self hosted WordPress is best.
victor Offline referral

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No doubt paid WordPress is hosting and service is great but a free one is no go for those who wanna start their online business!

If you only juts wanna share your thought and opinions with the world then it's perfect!
jack2 Offline referral

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WordPress free blog is great .

Google this topic

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