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What are Intents?

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What are Intents?
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An intent is a summary of an operation to be conducted. It can be used with startActivity to launch a Task, broadcastIntent to send it to any interested BroadcastReceiver components, and startService or bindService to connect with a background Service.
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Intends sends signals to the android system telling it that some action needs to be performed by another component in the same app or a different app.
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So what is the alternative of intends, can we use other tool that can do the same task like this?
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An intents means that a messaging object you can use to request an action from another app component. Although intents facilitate communication between components in several ways.
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An Intent is essentially a message to state you did or need a comment. Contingent upon the goal, applications or the OS may tune in for it and will respond in like manner. Consider it a shoot email to a cluster of companions, in which you advise your companion John to accomplish something, or to companions who can do X ("purpose channels"), to do X. Alternate people will disregard the email, however John (or companions who can do X) will respond to it.

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