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What are effects of black hat seo?

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What are effects of black hat seo?
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Black hat SEo is the techniques which only focus on search engine ranking and neglect the users completely and google only like the websites which are loved by its customers and which is user oriented.there are some of the black hat activities below.
Hiding Text
Doorway Pages
Redirect Pages
Duplicate Content or Websites
Code Swapping
Linking to Unrelated Sites or “Bad Neighborhoods”
Link Farms
Your website can be penalized by google, which is a great threat if you do any of the above activity Google can filter the rankings, Reduce your site’s rankings or Just ban the whole site.
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Black Hat SEO Technique: Black hat seo technique does not follow sear engine guide lines. If you follow this technique initially your website is good position in SERP but in long run your website is not visible to SERP, that means your website is permanently deleted in SERP.
Some black hat seo techniques are:
1. Keyword Stuffing
2. Cloaking
3. Doorway Pages
4. Duplicate Content
5. Paid Links
6. Article Spinning
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(06-20-2018 01:06 PM)iprism Wrote:  Black Hat SEO Technique: Black hat seo technique does not follow sear engine guide lines. If you follow this technique initially your websit...

Exactly,Suppose you are using black hat SEO techniques.google will automatically delete your website from SERP.Please dont use this technique.
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Black hat SEO is uѕіng unethical methods tо attract people thrоugh search engines. One way іѕ to show the search engine spiders оne site, whіlе showing actual users ѕоmething different. Another wаy іs to hаvе thousands оf keywords in thе sаme color aѕ the background color ѕo thаt users can't seе it but the search engines do. This can not оnlу break mаny of thе engines' rules, but it usually creates а poor user experience at yоur website which саn drive traffic awaу аs ѕоon as yоu create it.

Black hat SEO techniques

- Keyword stuffing:- Filling the website pages with only keywords and getting the rank.
- Hidden Text :- Hide the text in page content.
- Doorway Pages :- Creating multiple pages with almost simlar content but different keywords.
- Duplicate content :- Use copied content in website
- Excessive links:- Too many links to increase the value and rank of the site.
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The ultimate effect for the website after using the blackhat seo techniques is that search engine will ban the website permanently from being listed and also blacklist it in other search engines results.

So think carefully before implementing the blackhat seo techniques for gaining the backlinks and leads.
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Black hat seo techniques includes Doorway pages, Hidden text, Keyword stuffing, Link schemes & Guest posting network.
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your ranking will not stable and traffic will fluctuate all the time
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.Reduce the traffic
Spammy website
affect keyword ranking in SERP pages
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black hat SEO tactics can get is your website banned from Google and other search engines.
and some short-term success through increased traffic to your website. it affects your high ranking and increases traffic.

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