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What are the benefites of java plateform in web development

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What are the benefites of java plateform in web development
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Advantages and Our Advantage of Java Application Development. Java is a processing stage and programming dialect created by Sun Microsystems, the objective was to make stage autonomous dialect and working frameworks for purchaser hardware and for both application programming and for web.
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One of the biggest advantages of the Java platform in web development is browser compatibility. The cross-platform capability of the programming language makes it a powerful asset for the organization doing software development or web development work. At the same time, Java is an easy programming language with clean code and easy to pick up by web developers. Further, the programming language has a variety of library classes to rapid development and robust web solutions.
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Java is currently one of the mature and stable programming languages. But Oracle Corporation frequently updates the programming language with the support of a vibrant community. Each new version of Java comes with several new features and enhanced performance. For instance, the latest version of Java supports both functional and concurrent programming. Also, it comes with several new features like a new date/time API and improved Nashorn JVM JavaScript engine, while supporting parallel processing and lambda expressions. These new features make Java compete with other JVM-based languages more efficiently.

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