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What are the keyword research tools available in the market?

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Hlo Friends,
What are the keyword research tools available in the market?
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Hello. You can use various keyword research tools that are available on the internet. Actually, you can find thousands of such keyword research tools. However, it would be a wise decision to use popular keyword research tools only to get a better result.
• SEMrush
• Moz
• Google Adwords
• SpyFu
• Keyword Tool
• Google Analytics
• KW finder
• Soovle
These are some of my favourite keyword research tools. And depending on your choice, you can find free and paid keyword research tools as well. On a final note, not all keywords found on these tools should be used in the content. If you want to succeed in having a great content with the perfect keyword density, you can seek the help of Contentmart for such perfectly balanced contents. I hope this information would help you. Smile
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There are many but popular once are Google Keyword Tool, MOZ, Spyfu etc
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SEMrush, Moz, Google Adwords and KW finder
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There are lots of famous tools available in the market, but the Google keyword planner and SEMrush are most preferable.
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for best keyword analysis go with Semrush and Google keyword planner.
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There are many but the popular one is Semrush, spyfu and Google keyword planner.
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Google Keyword Planner is best keyword research & analysis SEO tools.
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Here are the list of tools listed below:

Google Keyword planner
Ahrefs (Offers 14 days trial)
KWFinder (Have free plan as well)
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As you can see from the number of responses, you have a ton of great KW research tools out there today. Your choice depends on your your willingness to spend money - paid search tools naturally have more features will help you find the right KWs quicker and more easily.

This doesn’t mean free ones are bad, there are dozens of free tools that will help you find your KWs that have decent searches per month. So in order to help you narrow down your choice here are some of the best paid and free KW research tools:

Paid KW research tools:
- Long Tail Pro
- SEMRush
- Serpstat
Free KW research tools:
- Google KW Planner
- Keyword Revealer
- Ubersuggest
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Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, Semrush

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